Thinking about fuel cards? How Silvey Fleet fuel cards are different

Did you know that fuel cards can save your business money? By partnering with a fuel card company like Silvey Fleet we can provide fuel card management whether you’re a small business or have a large mixed fleet.

At Silvey Fleet we’ve built a reputation for providing a complete fleet management solution for your business delivered with outstanding customer service. Our dedicated account managers are one of the key reasons why many of our customers choose us as their fuel card company, and it’s the reason so many of our customers stay. We work with the largest fuel card networks including Esso, UK Fuels, Fastfuel, Keyfuels. This means we can offer your drivers the chance to refuel at over 6,800 sites across the UK with competitively priced fuel.

Dedicated Account Manager

Our staff are dedicated to providing you with the right solution for your business. They will take the time to understand your business, looking at the routes your drivers use regularly and the key fuel locations so they always know where the nearest petrol stations are.

Since we work with different networks we can provide fuel cards for a variety of fuelling options, from petrol or diesel orientated cards, to cards that are accepted across national HGV sites.

Whatever Your Fleet Size

We can provide fuel cards for businesses who have small fleets of just 20 vehicles, right up to large fleets with more than 700 vehicles. Many of the businesses we work with have mixed fleets including commercial vehicles alongside a small collection of cars and vans.

Whatever size your fleet is we know that our fleet solutions could save the business both time and money, plus make your drivers’ lives easier by having a card to pay for their fuel.

Fleet information to drive efficiency

Alongside accessing competitively priced fuel we can also provide fuel card management including information about the fleet’s performance. Businesses now have the opportunity to add on further services through Miles Monitor, our fleet management solution. Miles Monitor provides fleet management software to give a complete overview of a fleet’s expenses and operational workings. By using our fleet management solutions it is easy to see how and where cost savings and efficiencies can be made across an entire fleet.

Our fleet management reporting is perfect for large mixed fleets with multiple depots. By using our fuel cards fleet managers can centralise fuel purchases, whilst our Miles Monitor  products provide accurate information to make reporting easy. Our mileage tracking app uses Smartphone technology to collect vehicle data including business mileage, expenses and can even be used assess driver efficiency.

Going the extra mile

As a business we are determined to be the best fleet management solution provider. We have made it our mission to provide fleet management solutions, delivered with the highest quality customer service.

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