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Track mileage

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Central, accurate and easy to use 

Using our mobile app drivers can log and record the purpose of each trip, doing away with manual mileage entry. Since all the information is stored online you have an accurate log of your fleet's business mileage.

Since the mobile app runs Google Maps in the background, you know that all mileage claims are accurate, thereby minimising exaggerated or fraudulent claims.

The mobile app can also help streamline expenses claims. Receipts for sundries like overnight hotels stays and subsistence can be recorded, saving paperwork and admin time.

The mobile app is easy to use

1. Click ‘start auto tracking’ to log your journey

The mobile app is easy to use

2. Click 'stop auto tracking’ once at your destination

The mobile app is easy to use

3. Keep a record of all expenses and upload receipts

The mobile app is easy to use

4. Review your journeys and fuel usage

Logging mileage couldn’t be easier for your drivers

All the information captured on the Miles Monitor app feeds directly into our mileage capture system. Using these mileage readings you can see at a glance accurate mileage, captured in real time. Not only will it mean your drivers don't need to spend time estimating and uploading claims manually, you'll have usable data about the fleet's entire performance.

Accurate tracking using GPS Icon

Accurate tracking using GPS

See and review drivers’ routes, a great way to check efficiency of each vehicle

Easy to capture receipts Icon

Easy to capture receipts

Do away with paper submissions and get drivers to upload all their receipts

Automated Reminders Icon

Automated Reminders

Schedule reminders so your drivers never forget to submit their claims

Record Claims Icon

Record Claims

Save time and paper as all expenses and mileage claims can be submitted via the app

Upload Receipts Icon

Upload Receipts

Keep track of expenses - submit receipts plus key information using the app

Track Usage Icon

Track Usage

It's easy for drivers to track their spend and mileage claims via the dashboard report

improve your fleet performance 

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Merry Christmas from Silvey Fleet

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy healthy new year from the team at Silvey Fleet

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Silvey Fleet now offers a fuelling solution for all vehicles

Following the introduction of payment for electric charging, Silvey Fleet offers a complete nationwide refuelling solution through their business fuel cards. Whatever fuel drives your fleet vehicles, drivers can use a Silvey Fleet fuel card to pay.

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Fuel Supplies Update

Over the past few days there has been intense media coverage of fuel station closures and supply issues, which has led to increased demand. The advice from the industry is to continue normal refuelling patterns.

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