Electric Vehicle Sustainability Assessment (EVSA)

Silvey Fleet’s recently-updated Miles Monitor mobile app helps fleet managers make informed decisions on where to introduce Electric Vehicles to their fleet.

Our Electric Vehicle Sustainability Assessment contains two stages, the first of which is the Electric Vehicle Driver Questionnaire competed through the Miles Monitor app. We ask your drivers a set of questions to help you assess their suitability for switching to Electric Vehicles.

The second stage is E-Feasibility Analysis, where vehicle journey data is collected, either by the Miles Monitor app or existing telematics systems, and then analysed . This journey data is used to identify the vehicles in your fleet travelling distances within the range of an Electric Vehicle which are suitable to be replaced by an electric alternative.

Once using Electric Vehicles, we can help you fuel your Electric Vehicle fleet with our electric charging card – which gives you access to a growing number of Electric Vehicle charging points in the UK.

For more information on Silvey Fleet’s Miles Monitor and Electric Vehicle Sustainability Assessment, give our specialist team a call today on 01454 333022 or email priority@silvey.co.uk

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