Why grey fleet compliance is more important than ever

As businesses get back to work in the wake of lockdown, employees will be getting back on the roads. An uptick in car sales in recent weeks suggests that more people will be using personal vehicles for business purposes – known as a company’s grey fleet. Whether employees will be using their own car to get to client meetings or to travel on a business trip, it’s an employer’s responsibility to ensure they are legal and safe to do so.

Your responsibility as an employer

As an employer, you have a duty of care towards any staff that drive their own vehicle for work. This includes ensuring drivers are provided with a copy of your organisation’s driving for work policy and that they have the correct insurance cover and legal documents, such as a valid and clean licence. You must also ensure that vehicles are fit for purpose and meet safety checks, with up-to-date tax, service and MOT.

Taking care of it for you

Silvey Fleet’s Miles Monitor fleet management solution takes care of the time-consuming process of managing your grey fleet compliance for you. As well as capturing and auditing fleet mileage, giving you an overview of expenses and operational workings, we can check driver’s licences and driving for work compliance with our Miles Monitor service.

We contact drivers on your company’s behalf to verify their documents and keep them all in one place for visibility. Through our smartphone app, your drivers can also process businesses mileage plus travel-related costs. All information is stored on our central software – not only giving fleet managers instant access, but we can generate comprehensive management reporting that is shared with you so you can check your fleet’s efficiency at every stage of the process.

If your business would benefit from Silvey Fleet’s grey fleet compliance service, contact us on 01454 333022 or email priority@silvey.co.uk.

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