Want to Reduce Your Emissions? Silvey Fleet Can Help.

Are you looking for ways to reduce or mitigate your carbon footprint? Silvey Fleet can help by offsetting your carbon emissions.

How Offsetting Works

Offsetting is a way of compensating for carbon emissions by funding the equivalent CO2 saving elsewhere. It is simple, cost-effective, and can be implemented without changes to your vehicles or fuel supply, making it a pragmatic solution for addressing emissions that cannot be otherwise avoided.

Verra Accredited for Peace of Mind

Our carbon offset programmes are all Verra accredited, meaning they are certified to achieve measurable high-integrity outcomes. Verra set the world’s leading standards for climate action and sustainable development, so customers can be certain their investment is being put to good use.

Measure, Offset, Certify

Managing Director, Miriam James said: “We are always looking to extend and enhance our range of services to customers and adding carbon offsetting was an obvious choice. It is a quick and easy way to reduce or mitigate emissions, allowing customers to choose the amount of emissions they want to offset.”

To find out more about this quick and easy way of offsetting your carbon emissions call 01454 333022 or email priority@silveyfleet.co.uk

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