Silvey Fleet now offers a fuelling solution for all vehicles

Following the introduction of payment for electric charging, Silvey Fleet offers a complete nationwide refuelling solution through their business fuel cards.  Whatever fuel drives your fleet vehicles, drivers can use a Silvey Fleet fuel card to pay.

“With the introduction of our latest fuel card, fleet managers can provide all their drivers, whether it be it for the purchase of diesel, petrol or electric charging, a convenient way to refuel and go!” comments managing director of Silvey Fleet, Miriam James. “Our aim is to help fleets be more efficient, so we have expanded our refuelling solution to cater for the changing needs of mixed fleets by including payment for electric charging.”

By partnering with major networks Silvey Fleet’s fuel card service offers a combined network of fuel stations, plus electric charging points, across the UK, including well-known branded and filling stations.

“We know the key consideration for electric vehicles is their range and the ability to recharge quickly. To ensure we can deliver a growing nationwide, multi-branded electric charging network we are working with several partners. Drivers of all types of electric vehicles will have access to rapid and ultra fast charge points across the UK and use their company fuel card to pay.”

Fleet Electrification

Alongside their comprehensive fuel card services, Silvey Fleet will be helping fleet managers to introduce electric vehicles into their fleets.

“We appreciate that many fleets are beginning to look at electrification,” notes Miriam. “Knowing which vehicles could be switched for an electric alternative is a good starting point, so we will be helping fleet managers and business owners identify which routes, and even what vehicles, could be serviced by an EV alternative.”

“For clients already using our Miles Monitor mobile app we can use the data that’s captured to conduct an electric vehicle suitability assessment. As part of this we look at the locations of charging stations in relation to a fleet’s regular routes, to be able to recommend an electric vehicle which has the range needed to complete this journey.”

Outlining the investment

The team at Silvey Fleet will also review and provide advice on the procurement and installation costs to electrify a fleet. In addition, they will consider how fleets could spread the cost or even take advantage of any tax benefits or incentives.

“For many fleets the transition completely to electric will take time,” concludes Miriam. “We expect fleets to gradually replace traditional diesel vans and petrol cars with EV alternatives. Because of this it’s vital that our fuel cards cater for all the vehicles in mixed fleets by including different fuel needs. To make administration simpler we provide just one invoice the end of each month detailing a fleet’s total consumption by fuel type and by vehicle.”

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