Silvey Fleet Gains CarbonNeutral® company

In a drive to mitigate carbon emissions, Silvey Fleet have conducted a complete review of their business. All areas came under the spotlight, including staff movement, the powering of their offices and all materials used in carrying out their business. Silvey Fleet is now a certified CarbonNeutral® company.

“It has always been an integral part of our mission to make a positive difference to the wider community,” confirms Managing Director, Miriam James. “We feel that we have a responsibility to minimise our environmental impact and therefore have been actively seeking ways to reduce our carbon footprint.”

The company has followed The CarbonNeutral Protocol, a process created and managed by Natural Capital Partners, to achieve certification. “It is a globally recognised framework which provides a clear guide to achieving carbon neutrality” explains Miriam, “which, alongside their reputation for financing high quality projects delivering verified emission reductions, were the key reasons we chose to work with them.“

In order to offset their carbon emissions, Silvey Fleet is supporting international emission reduction projects through Natural Capital Partners. In addition, the company is also delivering extra environmental benefits by planting trees in Bristol, through the Forest of Avon Trust.

“We are supporting several amazing projects across Latin America, Africa and Asia,” notes Operations Manager Daniel Ramsey . “One is protecting the Amazonian Rainforest in Brazil’s Acre state, whilst another provides clean cookstoves and finances programmes protecting the forest in Malawi. A third focuses on protecting peatland and a 65,000 hectare forest in Borneo from being converted for palm oil plantation.

These projects not only help households access clean cookstoves and save swathes of forest areas – they are part of our dedication as a company to help the wider community.”

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