Silvey Fleet: driving efficiency during Covid

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As businesses begin to emerge from lockdown and the roads get busier, it’s good to know that the Silvey Fleet fuel card team is on hand to help you drive efficiency within your business.

Our people have been working with customers remotely and in the field throughout lockdown, supporting them through new challenges and changing circumstances. The pandemic may have reduced traffic levels, but many sectors had to continue regardless, fuelled by our competitive prices and our gold star service.

How we can help

Silvey Fleet is continuing to offer a full fleet solution for small and medium sized businesses. From our contactless fuel cards to mileage tracking, Silvey Fleet products and services are best placed to support your business in the ‘new normal’.

Our Miles Monitor products provide a cost-efficient way to manage fleets by using cloud-based technology so drivers can easily upload information recorded via our app on their mobile phones. We can also produce essential information to give a complete 360 overview of a fleet’s expenses and operational workings.

Contactless purchases

Using one of our fuel cards not only saves your business money on purchasing fuel, cashless fuel purchases mean your drivers don’t have to handle cash or receipts, reducing unnecessary contact. Any new fuel cards can be sent directly to your registered business address.

Trackable expenses

At the end of the month your fuel card invoice is sent via email, outlining the cost for each vehicle. This way fuel expenses are easy to keep track since our trackable service ensures all your paperwork is in one place for straightforward auditing and reporting – no waiting for drivers to come in with expenses forms to be signed off.

Uninterrupted service

Our fuel card team continues to work from home, providing a top-quality service to our customers no matter the circumstances.

Want to know more about how we can help you drive efficiency post-lockdown? Email priority@silvey.co.uk or call us on 01454 333022.

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