New year’s resolution: bring costs down for your fleet

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Make 2020 the year you bring costs down across your fleet. A great place to start is a fuel card, which not only offers you access to discounted fuel, but will centralise your invoicing (no more lost receipts) and outline the VAT on each fuel purchase making it easy to reclaim.

Whether you’ve got just five vehicles or are a large mixed fleet, there’s a fuel card to suit your business. At Silvey Fleet, we take time to understand your operations and exactly what you’re looking for from a fuel card to recommend the best option for you.


We understand that a competitive price is key. Our fuel cards offer you the same discounted rate same across the three national networks we work with. We also provide weekly updates on the fuel price in advance – helping you to budget.


Our fuel cards allow your drivers to fill up at a variety of fuel stations on their route. We have different cards to suit a range of coverage needs – including petrol and diesel options from a choice of networks – which means your drivers won’t have to change their normal fuelling habits.

The network includes many HGV sites, all of which are indicated on Silvey Fleet’s site finder so you can always find one along the way.


A fuel card eliminates the need to keep receipts and submit expenses, saving you and your drivers precious administration time. Invoices from your fuel card purchases are generated each week with information from all the vehicles in your fleet. Not only is your reporting centralised the invoice can link directly to your accounting system, plus outlines any VAT paid.

So far over 40 AVRO members have signed up through the partnership deal with Silvey Fleet. One of the early adopters, Gary Grieve Furness Cars & Commercials Ltd says: “I have confidence that as a result of the deal between AVRO and Silvey Fleet, that I’m getting the best deal for one of the largest expenses for my business.  Since the price is fixed weekly and there are no hidden fees, our need for weekly and monthly reviews has gone away.”


At Silvey Fleet, we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service. Once you have chosen one of our fuel cards, you will be allocated a dedicated account manager who can support you with transaction issues and anything else that arises.

If you would like to find out more about our fuel card solutions for your fleet, contact us on 01454 333022

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