Interview with Sam Disley, Silvey Fleet Business Development Manager

Sam Disley, our newest business development manager, joined us back in January so we thought it was about time to introduce her.

Q: Tell us a bit about of your job history

I’ve been in sales for about 30 years. From retail to B2B, it’s always been some form of sales, and I’ve worked in the pharmaceutical, food & beverage and tourism sectors to name a few. I love meeting and interacting with new people; listening to customers and finding the right solutions for their specific needs never gets boring.

Q: Why did you choose Silvey Fleet?

I had seen an advert, and I knew a couple of people who worked here already, but the real decider for me was the role itself, which is really challenging, but equally rewarding. I also liked the variety it offered – working from home, working in the office and being out and about in the field means every day is different. Now I’ve learnt more about the Silvey Fleet offering I have a real passion for the products, and I believe if you have a passion for the product then more people are likely to buy it. It was the same when I was selling holidays.

Q: What are you looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to really getting to grips with the role and bringing in larger accounts – ultimately being able to contribute to the success of the company. I’m a team player, so that’s the carrot for me. I can’t wait to be out and about, having meetings, highlighting the value I can add to other prospective customers. The cherry on top is Silvey Fleet as a whole, everyone has been supportive and friendly.

You can speak with Sam about fuel cards and fleet management for your fleet on 01454 333022. Give her a call today!

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