How to manage your fuel card services

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If you are using fuel cards for your business you will already know that they save your business money. Did you know that with any of the UK fuel cards that Silvey Fleet provides you can manage your fuel card account through our online portal?

24 hour online access to your fuel card account

You can register for an online fuel card account from the Silvey Fleet website in the top right corner. Once set up it is easy to request a new fuel card or even stop a company fuel card if you no longer need it, or it has been lost or stolen.

Fuel card management

If you want to review how much fuel your vehicles are drawing the portal records each fuel card transaction in one place. It also has all your Silvey Fleet fuel card invoices stored should you need replicas.

To help with fuel card management there is an easy search function to allow you to search for specific fuel cards, vehicles or drivers. Regular reports can be scheduled for any business fuel card and emailed to you in a file format of your choice.

Finding the nearest petrol station

We know that drivers just want to use the nearest fuel station to them. To help them find somewhere to refuel that accepts their business fuel card, we have developed our online site finder. Here they can select the type of fuel card they have and use their current location to display petrol stations nearby.

Providing the right solution to fuel your business

At Silvey Fleet we want to be the best fleet management solution provider. Our team of advisors are always on hand to ensure that you have the best fuel card for your business – we know that many routes have changed recently so would be happy to check you have the right fuel card. You can call our customer service team any week day between 8am – 6pm on +44(0)1454 333022.

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