How driving licence checks help businesses like Helston

There is a legal requirement for all businesses to take the proper precautions to ensure that their drivers have a valid driving licence when driving on UK roads. Finding time for licence checks is necessary but challenging when managing a busy fleet.

Consolidating checks

Our existing fuel card customer Helston Garages found that although they successfully completed manual driving licence checks once a year, it still put huge pressure on general managers at each dealership. When high risk licences require more regular checking, the manual route is tough to justify, especially for businesses with multiple sites.

To consolidate and gain control of this vitally important area of business, Helston Garages decided to use Silvey Fleet’s driver licence check service.

Saving time

Outsourcing this work has not only removed the time-consuming administration at over 30 dealerships, it has alleviated the compliance burden for Helston Garages while delivering simple, consolidated reporting that offers a clear audit trail.

With over 1000 employees working at Helston Garages, Silvey Fleet works closely with the team to support the drivers in completing their mandates. This support allows drivers to have their first check completed within minutes of giving their consent.

Adding value

The value that businesses like Helston Garages gain from using Silvey Fleet’s driving licence check is not just to do with service, but with the management of future checks. It minimises exposure to risk and offers peace of mind that fleet drivers have the correct documentation to drive on UK roads.

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