Celebrating success and a shared sense of purpose

The sales team at Silvey Fleet plays an important role in helping develop and grow our business.

We truly value their contribution and make a point of holding quarterly sales meetings to get everyone together, discuss how things are going, share ideas and insights, and acknowledge achievements.

Continuous improvement is one of our business mantras and our recent meeting was a perfect opportunity to explore ways to develop and enhance our team’s skills and support continued professional development.

What gets measured gets done

Like all good businesses we make a point of measuring our performance to make sure things are moving in the right direction. We also celebrate our teams’ successes and achievements; our sincere congratulations go to Senior Telesales Executive, Nicki Blanks for achieving Sales Employee of the Quarter, awarded by Managing Director, Miriam.

“These meetings are a perfect opportunity to gather together, share information and have some fun,” says Dena Mann, Sales Director at Silvey Fleet. “It was great to see everyone so engaged and working so well together. Some of our newer recruits had only previously met their colleagues over Teams, so it was great to see them all together and getting to know each other.”

Silvey Fleet is always interested in exploring new talent so if you’d like to find out more about joining our amazing sales team, send your CV to marketing@silvey.co.uk

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