Aaron Alvis Interview – ten-year journey with the group

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Aaron Alvis has been working for Mabanaft Group for ten years. Here he shares his experiences and explains why he loves working at Silvey Fleet.

Tell us about your career so far and your ten-year journey within the group

I worked for BP after graduating, which gave me a taste for sales, then moved to Total where I worked for 11 years. When that business sold to Rontec, I stayed about a year before moving on to join Mabanaft in London.

I initially joined the group in 2013 as an analyst which involved lots of reporting. After about 18 months they asked me to work for Onroute, the fuel card arm of their business. I was involved in pretty much everything at Onroute Fuel Cards: sales, account management, reporting and invoicing, which was a fantastic learning curve.

Four years later in 2019, I joined Silvey Fleet, and my role is really varied, but having learnt all the business processes at Onroute I can do most things. I am self-taught and a fast learner, and never forget a process or task once I’ve learnt it. I am also a qualified project manager, and certified in leadership and management.

What stands Silvey Fleet apart from other places you have worked and what do you most enjoy?

There is a perception that it is better to work for a larger organisation than a smaller one but that simply is not true. Silvey Fleet might not be the largest, but has a big company mentality, you would honestly be hard pressed to find a better place to work. The company really looks after us, in that regard we are on par with larger businesses I have worked for, but also here the opportunities are far greater because we are growing, and I think that really sets us apart.

As a business we strive for greatness. We are also forward thinking, for example in the work we are doing around alternative fuels. I have been in the industry a long time and it is great to see new products being introduced, and even plans to expand into new countries. The important thing is that the execution of everything we do is done really well.

I want everyone to be happy in their job and I get to help with this by looking at processes and making things work better for our teams. If everyone enjoys their work, then their output is improved and together we can smash our targets.

What’s are your plans for the next ten years?

Although I joke about wanting to retire to work as a barista, I would actually love to carry on working at Silvey Fleet for another ten years and see the next generation come up through the ranks and take over. There is also a lot of talk about using AI in commerce and I am keen to see what benefits the next phase of computer science might bring – it is more for me to learn about, which is great!

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