Drawing reports

Drawing reports

  1. Go to https://webplusfuelcards.silvey.co.uk/WebPlus
  2. If you have not registered for the portal, please follow the guide to register which you can find above
  3. If you can’t remember your password press Forgot Password and you will be sent a temporary password to your registered email address.
  4. Enter your Email Address and Password and press Sign In

  5. You will be taken to your account dashboard
  6. Press Fuel Cards and then Drawings

    If you would like to View your drawings, follow steps 7-14
    If you would like to Export your drawing report, follow steps 7-11 then 15-18.
  7.  If you would like to find a drawing report for one card, type the last 4 digits of the card you would like to check In the Card Number (Keyfuels, Fast Fuels, UK Fuels and Esso cards will all have a check digit at the end of the card number, this needs to be removed when searching) – For example, if the last 5 digits on the card are 1234 5, enter 1234 or the card will not be found.
  8. Make sure the tab Match Last 4 Digits Of Card Number is selected
  9. If you would like to search for all your cards, leave the these sections blank
  10. If you would like to search for a particular date, select the Search Using Drawing Range Date tab and enter a date in the Date From and Date to
  11. If you would like to include uninvoiced drawings, select the Include Uninvoiced Drawings

  12. press Get Drawings

  13. It will then open up a list of all the drawings
  14. To find out more information regarding the transaction, click into the drawing.
  15. If you would like to download your drawings, select the Export Drawings tab
  16. Select the format you would like the information saved in (we recommend Excel)
  17. Enter the email address you would like the drawing report sent to
  18. Press Get Drawings
    There will be a pop up of your downloaded spreadsheet. Open to view, edit and save. (This may take a few minuets to come through)
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