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Electric vehicle fuelling & consultancy solutions

Access a growing network of EV charge points with OUR Electric fuel card.

Our latest fuel card includes electric charging. Drivers of EV's have access to a growing nationwide, multi-branded electric charging network, providing rapid and ultra fast charge points across the UK.

What's more, the same fuel card works for drivers of petrol and diesel vehicles too - keeping all your fuel costs with one fuel card provider.


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all your refuelling needs

Combine the benefits of a using a Silvey Fleet fuel card with the added bonus of paying for electric vehicle charging points using just one fuel card. It's an end to end solution for fleets that operate both EV's and traditional cars and vans - ensuing drivers can refuel wherever.

Our electric fuel card includes a growing, nationwide EV charging network, with ultra, rapid and slow charge points through nine partners - Engenie, GeniePoint, Source London and ESBheir.

The same fuel card includes our extensive petrol and diesel network, so can be used by all your drivers. Discover how one fuel card could satisfy all your fleet's refuelling needs - call the Silvey Fleet team on 01454 333022.

OUR electric fuel card delivers:

  • Refuelling for all fuel types on one card, including access to the UK’s largest fuel network
  • Reduced range anxiety get access to 4,200 charging points nationwide 
  • Savings across your fleet with a choice of pricing options for electric charging and discounts on diesel
  • Simplified administration with one HMRC compliant invoice for all transactions

Simplified Administration

Reduce administration time when you introduce electric vehicles to your fleet. Our combined fuel and electric card allows all your drivers to refuel with just one fuel card anywhere in the UK.

Each month we will provide one consolidated HMRC compliant invoice detailing every transaction, so there's need to chase drivers for receipts - plus you can easily reclaim VAT.

For added visibility and control we offer an online portal where you can review all the purchases made by your drivers. You can also conduct simple admin tasks like requesting or stopping new cards.

Help to transition your fleet to EV’s

We can help you introduce electric vehicles into your fleet, outlining a fleet electrification plan that works for your company and creates a more efficient fleet.

As part of our EVSA (Electric Vehicle Suitability Assessment) we will review all the routes your drivers regularly take. Then considering the locations of charging stations and vehicle range, we can recommend electric vehicle alternatives to current diesel or petrol vehicles.

If you're planning an EV transition for your fleet let us help you make the switch - call our consultants on 01454 333022.


improve your fleet performance

CALL US ON +44(0)1454 333022

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