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Silvey Fleet

A history of fuelling the nation  

Silvey Fleet is part of Silvey. Originally a family business, Thomas Silvey set up a business to deliver coal, in the 1950’s the company added heating oil and began to distribute to homes throughout the South West. As a major supplier of home heating oil, Silvey diversified into the fuel card market. Today, we are a part of a major independent global fuel company, Mabanaft Limited, who is a wholly owned subsidiary of Marquard & Bahls AG.

Our Vision

To be the best oil fuel solution provider.

We will achieve this by having the courage to embrace change and opportunity, challenge the status quo and grow in harmony with our values. Our staff are passionate, determined, energetic and creative. Customers, employees, suppliers and owners are extremely proud to be associated with the company.

Our mission

To fuel the nation and make a positive difference to the lives of our customers, employees, owners and the wider community.

Silvey Values 

Our core values have become our guiding principles, driving everything we do and helping us deliver exceptional customer service. 

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We are authentic, trustworthy and reliable – we do the right thing.

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We respect and protect our environment with a strong safety and compliance culture.

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We value customer loyalty and are committed to providing a world class customer experience all day, every day.

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We value our staff and encourage and support their development to be the best that they can be.

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We believe in sharing our resources to the benefit of the wider community.


What our clients say

Simply by streamlining processes and improving the quality of management information, we have seen a reduction in fuel misuse and time spent on resource intensive administrative tasks.

Just received our first invoice from Silvey Fleet and I'm very happy. I've compared it to a competitor's invoice and the difference in savings is fantastic!

We now have a solution that provides long term reductions in fuel expenditure, plus an active team of supportive account mangers helping us to minimise disruption and manage any resistance to these new procedures.

Taking control over fuel expenditure helped reduce our costs by encouraging our sub contracted hauliers to use fuel cards.

Silvey Fleet

Increasing efficiency and driving down the cost of running a business fleet

Silvey Fleet is part of our ongoing mission to be the best oil fuel solution provider. We want to offer businesses, be they large or small, a complete fuel management solution.

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Fuel Card

Your fleet can fill up with competitively priced fuel at thousands of locations across the UK.

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Miles Monitor

Keep an accurate log of all your fleet’s mileage with our easy to use App, that makes reporting and compliance easy too. 

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Monitor Fuel Card

The perfect solution for any fleet to buy fuel, track mileage, monitor fuel expenditure, saving your business time and money.

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