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Your Questions Answered

Welcome to our frequently asked questions

Using a Silvey Fleet fuel card is easy. Our sales advisors are always available to help you if you have a query, or you may find below answers to some of the most common questions our fuel card team get asked.

Silvey fleet Fuel Card

A competitively priced fuel card solution

Using your fuel card is relatively simple, see below for some of the benefits and features designed to help you manage your account.

How can I setup online access to my fuel card?

To set up online access to your fuel card account click 'Log in' in the top right of the Silvey Fleet website and click 'Fuel cards'. Then click register in the top right corner to set up your online fuel card account.

To set up online access to your Miles Monitor fleet management account email to request your customer login details. 

How drivers find their nearest petrol stations?

So your drivers can see where the nearest petrol stations are they can use our handy online site finder to see petrol stations nearby. They can also use our fuel card site finder to find fuel stations on your drivers' routes that accept your company fuel cards by using the network filter – Key Fuels, Fast Fuels, Esso or UK Fuels.

Our range of fuel cards offer national coverage so drivers can fill up at Shell garages, BP petrol stations, moto service stations, Esso filling stations as well as many independent sites.

Our fuel card team can also provide SatNav and SmartPhone downloads for filling stations along the routes your drivers regularly use.

How do drivers know if a petrol station is HGV accessible?

Our petrol station site finder app includes a filter to show HGV accessible stations. Drivers can download to keep a record of their nearest petrol stations.

How can I order a new fuel card?

To order a new busienss fuel card log into your online account and in the top left click 'Fuel Cards' and 'Card Request'. Select the type of fuel card you'd like to order and add the card name and any additional information before clicking 'Add new card' to submit your request.

How can I stop an existing fuel card?

To stop any existing UK fuel card log into your online account and in the top left click 'Fuel cards', then 'Stop cards'.

Using the search function find the specific company fuel cards you'd like to cancel, or you can leave the filters blank to return results for all your cards. Click 'Get cards' to return your results.

Once here you can select the fuel card company cards you'd like to cancel by ticking under 'select' and clicking the 'Stop selected cards' button that appears at the bottom of the table. You'll be asked if you'd like to provide a reason for cancelling this particular fuel card and whether you'd like a replacement card before confirming your cancellation by clicking 'Stop'.

You can reactivate a Keyfuels or Fastfuel fuel card after submitting the stop card request by contacting a member of the Silvey Fleet team. Once your request to reactivate the card is processed it can take up to 30 minutes for a Keyfuels card to become active again and up to 24 hours for Fastfuel fuel cards.

If you’ve stopped an Esso fuel card you can’t reactivate it. You’ll need to order a new card if you need a replacement.

How do I view my business fuel card invoices and payment history?

To make fuel card management easy simply log into your online account and click 'My account' then 'Invoices' in the top left corner of the screen.

 All your Silvey Fleet fuel card invoices will appear, listed by most recent first, or you can search for invoices by date range. To download a copy simply click on 'Copy' at the end of the row and save as a PDF.

Likewise, to view your payment history click 'My account' and 'Online card payment history' in the top left corner of the screen to view and download copies of your card payments.

How do I run drawing reports?

To run a drawing report log into your online account and click ‘Fuel cards’ and ‘Drawings’ in the top left corner of the screen. You'll be able to view individual transactions that show the type of fuel drawn, the draw date, the site, the quantity of fuel drawn and the total amount for the transaction. 

You can filter your results by specific fuel cards, invoices and drivers. Simply click ‘Get drawings’ to see a list of results that match your search criteria.

You can also filter your report by specific date ranges so you can compare which business fuel cards are being used across your company within set time periods.

To export your drawings as a report select ‘Export drawings’ and choose the file format you’d like to export the report in. Confirm the email address you’d like the report sent to and then click ‘Get drawings’ to receive a copy of the report to your emails. 

Silvey Fleet Fuel Card

A brief guide to online admin tasks

Download your own guide explaining how to complete your admin tasks online.

Download PDF

SILVEY fleet Miles Monitor

A comprehensive management system

The Miles Monitor app records mileage allowing you to produce essential fleet management information- by drivers and/or vehicle. Use the customised reports to give you better visibility over your entire fleet's performance.

Why is fuel card information not sufficient?

Fuel card information and filling station mileages are not considered robust enough under revenue guidelines. Miles Monitor offers additional information and the security of knowing you comply with all HMRC reporting obligations.

What is a business mile, opposed to a personal mile?

The HMRC definition of a business mile is described in the HMRC Employee Travel booklet

Will the company share information from the mileage capture tool with a third party such as HMRC?

We will only provide records to HMRC if asked as part of an audit and with your knowledge.

I don't always have web access or an Internet connection, is there a way to record my data offline?

Miles Monitor is available 24 hours a day, via a desktop or through the app. If you're not able to get online to log information you can call the customer service desk on 01270 694561to help you log your information. 

My employment contract states that I'm a home worker, can I claim my journey into the office as business mileage?

There are circumstances where travel to the office is acceptable as a business trip. Please refer to the Employee Travel booklet published by HMRC.

Why do I need to record my odometer reading?

Your odometer reading helps us to understand total miles being driven by your vehicle. This helps the system calculate your private miles, as well as assisting with policy and planning and understanding if there more effective ways of delivering benefits to staff.

How often do I need to submit my mileage?

You need to complete your mileage on a monthly basis. We recommend you record your data on a daily basis - Miles Monitor is available 24 hours a day.

How much detail should I include in the purpose field when I record trip information?

You should record the name of the client or account you're visiting in the purpose field.

How can I check if I’m recording the right information?

As long as you complete information in the boxes requested you'll be compliant. It's best practice to check your information each month to make sure it still applies to you and your vehicle.

Does recording my mileage affect my tax or NI?

Recording your mileage doesn't affect your tax or NI position; this is based on your particular circumstances and will continue to be reported as normal.

How do I turn on GPS tracking for Miles Monitor?

When you click 'Start auto track' on the Miles Monitor mobile app your phone will automatically use its location facility to record your route. 

What happens if my phone can't connect to a GPS signal?

If your phone can't connect to a mobile network or WiFi signal your Miles Monitor app won't be able to return information about postcodes or towns on your trip so will leave these fields blank. You'll still be able to complete the 'Purpose' field. 

Your trip can be saved, however it will be saved with blank ‘from’ and ‘to’ fields.

When you save a trip your Miles Monitor app will upload your trip information as soon as there is a valid internet or mobile phone connection. 

I can’t log in to the app?

There can be a number of reasons why you may not be able to log into your Miles Monitor app. Here are some things to check if you're struggling to log in:

  • Are you using the correct user name and password? Your log in details are the same as for your online account. 
  • Are you running the current version of the app?
  • Are your running the current version of your phone's software?

If you've checked all of the above and are still struggling to log in please delete the app and re-download it. If you need additional support the Silvey Fleet team are available on 01454 333 022. 

Silvey fleet Miles Monitor Fuel Card


Combine one of our fuel cards with Miles Monitor to access discounted fuel and record, audit and manage your fleet for ultimate efficiency.

How are reports generated?

Using accurate and verified mileage caputured using the Miles Monitor app our systems are able to collate information from your fuel card spend along side the mileage entries to produce a 360 view of your fleet's expenses and operational workings.

How can I view the reports?

You will have online access to your Miles Monitor account. When you set the account up you will be given a unique customer login in so can login in at any time via our website. Simply navigate to the top right corner and click on 'customer login' then select 'Miles Monitor.'

What happens if I've forgotten my login in details?

If you have forgotten you customer login in details please email to request new login details. 


What sort of information can I see about my fleet?

When you initially login into the online reports you need to navigate to the 'Dashboard Reporting Home Page'. Here you can see several graphs that provide you with a detailed fuel and mileage analysis for your fleet and for individual drivers.

- The Cost Analysis looks at the cost of fuel split by user

- Mileage and Carbon Analysis provides an accurate monthly report on MPG and CO2 emissions.

- The Fuel Spend Analysis reviews variations in fuel spend, including the split between private and business mileage.

- On the Close and Compliance graph you can see which drivers are using the app - or not!

- The Exceptions Graph shows anything that Silvey Fleet feels you should be aware about, such as lots of small fills ups in one day

- Your Full Monthly Employee Download allows you to see how individual drivers are performing.

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“Just received our first invoice and I am very happy, no issue with the invoice at all. Having compared it to our previous supplier the savings are fantastic.”

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