A Fuel Card to Fit Your Fleet

Find out from our customers how using one of our fuel cards has benefitted their business.

We work with a range of customers from a variety of different business backgrounds to save them time and money in managing their fleets. Here are some examples.


Helston Garages

There is a legal requirement for all businesses to ensure that their drivers have a valid driving licence. To consolidate and gain control of this vitally important area of business, Helston Garages decided to use Silvey Fleet’s driver licence check service.


Total Produce

Total Produce is a fruit and vegetable supplier with both wholesale and foodservice divisions located across the UK. They collect produce directly from growers, deliver to secondary wholesalers and shops, plus provide regular deliveries of fresh food to catering outlets including schools, hospitals and hotels.  With over 350 vehicles in their fleet they rely on fuel cards to monitor and control fuel expenditure.


RSK Group

RSK Group is a multi-disciplinary environmental consultancy operating globally to help businesses realise their own business goals. This includes investigating ground for structural anomalies or ecological concerns, plus consulting on environmental, health and safety concerns. 


Norfolk Recovery

Many businesses such as vehicle recovery operators are dependent on fuel just to be able to provide their services. With the variants in fuel prices, being able to budget and keep control of fuel costs can be difficult.

Find out how using a Silvey Fleet fuel card not only help lower Norfolk Recovery’s fuel costs, but made reclaiming the VAT on their business fuel easy.