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See what Silvey Fuel Cards can do for you

Find out from our customers how using one of our fuel cards has benefited their business.  

Silvey Fuel Cards is one of the fastest growing fuel card network providers. We work with a range of customers - from a variety of different business backgrounds, but who all rely on their fleet of cars, vans and lorries to be able to do their jobs.  Our aim is to save you time and your business money.

Helston Licence Checking Testimonial

There is a legal requirement for all businesses to ensure that their drivers have a valid driving licence. To consolidate and gain control of this vitally important area of business, Helston Garages decided to use Silvey Fleet’s driver licence check service.

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Crown Flooring

As commercial flooring experts, Crown Flooring operates a mixed fleet of both cars and vans, using both unleaded petrol and diesel. Trying to control costs on a national scale had proved hard due to the range of vehicles and geographical spread.

Using just one fuel card company for all their fuel purchases has given Crown Flooring complete visibility of the fleet’s costs.

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Total Produce

As existing fuel cards users utilising a number of networks, Total Produce wanted to consolidate its existing suppliers to one company who could offer a national coverage as well as supplying bespoke granular information to be able to review their fleet’s total usage.

Since moving to Silvey Fuel Cards, Total Produce has been able to quantify significant savings in excess of one million litres of fuel the fleet uses to maintain their business.

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With such a diverse range of services provided by different companies located across the UK, RSK had a fragmented approach to purchasing fuel. To be able to carry out their services the company operates many cars, vans and even drilling rigs, who all needed to travel to clients’ locations throughout the UK.

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NSL Services

As the UK’s largest parking enforcement agency working with over 60 councils across the UK, NSL operate a large mixed fleet of vehicles from over 250 bases.

They are regarded as an innovative leader within parking management having introduced many technical advances to support both the enforcing agent and the end user.

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