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Impact of Fuel Efficiency in Winter

27 October 2017

Have you noticed you get lower fuel mileage in the winter?

Well, this is because air is 11% heavier than warm summer air.

These effects are actually worse on hybrids! Hybrids fuel economy can lower to around 31% in winter weather!

During winter, it takes longer for a vehicles engine to warm up to optimum fuel efficiency.  On top of that, battery performance decreases making it more difficult for your alternator to keep it charged.

Here are some tips to get the best mileage out of your fleet;

  • If possible, don’t park your vehicles outside overnight – the warmth and protection of a garage can help keep the vehicle at a warmer temperature while not being used
  • Don’t use seat-warmers or defrosters for longer than necessary
  • Check tyre pressure frequently – tyre pressure can decrease in cooler weather
  • Ensure you use the winter oil specified for your vehicle

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What our clients say

We now have a solution that provides long term reductions in fuel expenditure, plus an active team of supportive account mangers helping us to minimise disruption and manage any resistance to these new procedures.

Just received our first invoice from Silvey Fleet and I'm very happy. I've compared it to a competitor's invoice and the difference in savings is fantastic!

Taking control over fuel expenditure helped reduce our costs by encouraging our sub contracted hauliers to use fuel cards.

Simply by streamlining processes and improving the quality of management information, we have seen a reduction in fuel misuse and time spent on resource intensive administrative tasks.