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6 reasons for AdBlue - Fuel savings & lower emissions

06 June 2016

With increasingly stringent directives to lower carbon emissions and rising fuel costs, the time is right to consider AdBlue for your business. That’s why we’re an official reseller of AdBlue Solutions manufactured by GreenChem.

Read on to find out more about how AdBlue could help your business. 

1. Compliance on reducing harmful emissions 

AdBlue converts Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) from diesel vehicles with selective catalytic reduction (SCR). It works by converting the harmful NOx emissions into nitrogen and water, thereby reducing the harmful emissions which damage our environment.

For the last decade, legislation in the UK has become stricter on NOx, and more and more cars, heavy goods vehicles and non-road diesel vehicles have been fitted with SCR technology in their exhaust. Indeed AdBlue reduces the impact from heavy duty diesel engines such as the new Euro 5 and Euro 6 trucks.

2. Cost-savings

The SCR technology that uses AdBlue provides a fuel saving of 5% on average which more than recovers the cost. As a Silvey customer, you can also be reassured that you will receive a competitive market price at the time of purchasing AdBlue.

3. Easy to use

AdBlue is a high purity urea solution rather than a fuel or fuel additive. It is very easy to use, and is stored in a dedicated tank in your vehicle. We’ve partnered with GreenChem to offer you AdBlue. Watch the video below for more information.

4. Agricultural non-road diesel vehicles

If you’re in the agricultural sector, AdBlue could be an effective choice for your business. The Stage 4 Emission legislation requires AdBlue and SCR in all new non-road diesel vehicles, such as agricultural machinery (tractors, combine harvesters, self-propelled forest harvesters etc). All these newly purchased machines will be using AdBlue to reduce the NOx emissions from diesel-powered engines.

5. Fuel card friendly

For our customers with Fuel Cards, AdBlue is available at our Chippenham and Bridgwater sites. Check our site finder for more information.

6. AdBlue to suit you

AdBlue can be delivered in small or large packs to suit your business wherever you’re based in the UK, and we can supply you with the equipment required to store and dispense AdBlue.

Time to order AdBlue?

We hope we’ve convinced you about the benefits of AdBlue. At Silvey’s we offer a complete AdBlue service including tank installation, monitoring and automated supply, and dispensing equipment.

Find out more about AdBlue and how it could help take your business forward - get in touch now.

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What our clients say

Just received our first invoice from Silvey Fleet and I'm very happy. I've compared it to a competitor's invoice and the difference in savings is fantastic!

Simply by streamlining processes and improving the quality of management information, we have seen a reduction in fuel misuse and time spent on resource intensive administrative tasks.

Taking control over fuel expenditure helped reduce our costs by encouraging our sub contracted hauliers to use fuel cards.

We now have a solution that provides long term reductions in fuel expenditure, plus an active team of supportive account mangers helping us to minimise disruption and manage any resistance to these new procedures.