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Find out how Norfolk Recovery lowered their fuel costs

06 December 2019

There’s no escaping how reliant vehicle recovery operators are on fuel just to be able to provide their services. With the variants in fuel prices, being able to budget and keep control of fuel costs can be difficult.

Having tried paying for fuel using credit cards, Norfolk Recovery found that whilst this provided them with a monthly bill, it still meant drivers had to remember to ask for a VAT receipt at the time of purchase. This precious piece of paper needed to be kept safe until the end of the month, when all the receipts could be gathered to generate a VAT claim. Invariably between fill ups drivers would lose receipts or forget to ask for one at the time of refuelling.

The Solution – pay with a fuel card

To gain control of their biggest expense and help with the VAT reclaim, Norfolk Recovery decided to shift to fuel cards.

Having made the initial switch to fuel cards a few years ago, when AVRO announced their new partnership with Silvey Fleet, owner and operator, Craig Alexander was one of the early adopters. “As our drivers were already used to using fuel cards it was an easy transition to move to Silvey Fleet,” notes Craig.

Benefits of using Silvey Fleet

What Craig was not anticipating as a result of the switch to Silvey Fleet were the savings his business made on refuelling their sixteen vehicles.

“With our previous supplier I paid little attention to the price because they did not proactively contact us. Each week with Silvey Fleet I know the price for the week ahead, plus with just one invoice it is so much easier to reclaim VAT since its included on the invoice”

Initially Craig’s drivers only had one Silvey Fleet fuel card giving them access to Keyfuels sites. To ensure better coverage for the area they cover across East Anglia, Craig gave drivers a second card, the Esso card which allows them to refuel at those sites too! If drivers are in any doubt, there are even apps to find a suitable fuel station.

What do you value most?

It’s not just regular communication with Silvey Fleet’s team of fuel card specialists that Craig values, but having everything on just one invoice. “There are savings to be had simply by breaking with tradition and using a fuel card,” confirms Craig. “Now because there are no more lost VAT receipts, I can reclaim all my VAT. I can see at a glance information on every vehicle, including the VAT element on the fuel they’ve purchased. These reports have also helped keep control on fuel efficiencies, I can see the vehicle usage which has crucially highlight fuel efficiencies.

My drivers have found it easy to find places to refuel so thankfully I’m no longer paying higher prices at the pump so am paying less for the fuel we use. It’s a win win situation!”

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What our clients say

We now have a solution that provides long term reductions in fuel expenditure, plus an active team of supportive account mangers helping us to minimise disruption and manage any resistance to these new procedures.

Just received our first invoice from Silvey Fleet and I'm very happy. I've compared it to a competitor's invoice and the difference in savings is fantastic!

Taking control over fuel expenditure helped reduce our costs by encouraging our sub contracted hauliers to use fuel cards.

Simply by streamlining processes and improving the quality of management information, we have seen a reduction in fuel misuse and time spent on resource intensive administrative tasks.