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Your questions answered

Welcome to our frequently asked questions about Silvey Fleet

Using one of Silvey Fleet fuel cards is easy, but we appreciate that for those new to using a fuel card you may have some questions. Below are the answers to some of the most common questions our fuel card team get asked.

If you have a question that isn't answered here, please contact us.

Silvey Fuel Card

A competitively priced fuel card solution 

A Silvey Fuel Card has many benefits and features, here are just  a few of the questions our fuel card team frequently answer, if you still have a query please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. 

Download our brief guide to show you how to complete some of your admin tasks online.



How can I setup online access?

Just email priority@silvey.co.uk requesting a customer login to access our online portal.

How do we know which fuel stations we can use?

We have SatNav and SmartPhone downloads ready for your drivers, so you never need to worry about filling up at the wrong fuel station.

How do I know if a site is HGV accessible?

On our Site Finder App, you can specify to only display HGV accessible stations.

What other products can I purchase with a Silvey Fuel card?

There are a range of products available to you, please discuss further with your Silvey Account Manager by calling 01454 333022

Silvey Miles Monitor

A comprehensive management system 

Our Miles Monitor service is designed to reduce administration and improve efficiency - both for the drivers and the administration team. It has a host of additional features which your Silvey Account Manager will advise you about.  Below are some of the more generic queries.


Why are the existing recording methods (e.g. fuel card and filling stations) not sufficient?

The company and you the employee are potentially exposed as the fuel card information and filling station mileages are not considered robust enough under Revenue guidelines.

Where can I find guidance on what constitutes a business mile as opposed to a personal mile?

The precise definition of a business mile is described in the Employee Travel booklet on the HMRC website here

Will the company share my information from the mileage capture tool with a third party? For example, with HMRC?

The company will provide records to HMRC if asked as part of an audit.

I am not always able to get web access or an Internet connection, is there an easy way to record my data?

The system is available 24 hours a day, plus there is a customer service desk there to help you. You can also record details on your SmartPhone or tablet if you have one. You can also download the Mileage Capture app.

My employment contract states that I am a home worker, can I claim my journey into the office as business mileage.

There are circumstances where travel to the office is acceptable as a business trip. Please refer to the Employee Travel booklet published by HMRC and mentioned above.

Why do I need to record my odometer reading?

We need to understand total mileages being driven, which includes knowledge of the amount of total mileage carried out in the vehicle. This also enables the system to calculate your private miles for that period. This helps us with policy and planning and to understand if there more effective ways of delivering benefits to staff.

How often do I need to make a mileage submission?

You need to complete your mileage on a monthly basis. You can record your data on a daily basis if you wish to; the system is available 24 hours a day.

What level of detail is required in the purpose field when recording trip information?

You should provide the name of the client or account that you are visiting.

How can I check if I’m recording the right information?

Providing that you complete the boxes on the system with the information requested then you will be compliant. Please check any information that is displayed each month to ensure that it still applies to you and your vehicle.

Does the recording of my mileage affect my tax or NI position?

No, your tax and NI position is still based on your particular circumstances and will continue to be reported as today.

How do I know when GPS has been located?

GPS is naturally switched off on mobile phones, it is not until you Start Auto Track that your mobile phone switches the GPS facility on. This is why the connection to a GPS signal may not be immediate.

What happens if a GPS signal cannot be found?

  1. Providing there is a GPS signal it will lock and start to track the trip when the start button is pressed.
  2. When the trip is complete, and a GPS signal is available it will complete the trip.
  3. At this point, the application hunts for a 3G or WiFi connection to be able to translate the GPS co-ordinates into postcodes and will populate the relevant fields on the screen.
    • Where a 3G or WiFi connection is not present the app cannot return the postcodes or town and leaves these fields blank, but allows the purpose field to be completed.
    • The trip can be saved, however it is saved with blank fields in the ‘from’ and ‘to’ boxes.
  4. On saving the trip, the app again hunts for a connection. If one exists the trip will be uploaded (either with complete postcodes or blank from and to boxes), or it will cache the trip waiting for the app to reach a 3G or WiFi connection, where the trip will be uploaded.

I can’t log in to the app?

Do you have the current version of the app downloaded? Do you have the current version of the phones software downloaded? Have you changed their username or password (your log on details are the same as your online account)? If you have tried all of the above, please delete the app and re-download it.

Silvey Miles Monitor Fuel Card

The complete fuel card solution for commercial fleets

Combine the buying power of one of our fuel cards with our Miles Monitoring system for an efficient way to track driver mileage and handle your reporting. We know that you will want to find out how this fuel card can save your business time and money,  see below or contact us on 01454333022.


What if I am unable to use my fuel card when I fill up?

If you do not have your fuel card available then you will need to use your own method of payment. Keep the receipt and use the mileage capture tool to record the voucher and upload an image of the receipt. You will be reimbursed for your fuel in the following month’s payroll.

What do I do if I have forgotten my login details?

Your username should be your email address. To request a new password, click on the ‘Forgot password?’ link. Alternatively, you can contact the Miles Monitor customer service team by calling us on 01270 694561 or emailing services@milesmonitor.co.uk.

What happens if I change my vehicle?

If your vehicle details are incorrect please contact the Miles Monitor team on 01270 694561 or email services@milesmonitor.co.uk so we can update this information for you. When you close off the month, the system will ask you if you have had a change of vehicle. At this point you will need to select yes and follow the vehicle change process. You can find more information in the user guide.

When I'm logging mileage, what do I need to record?

You will need to record each business trip you carry out during the month, this record will need to include the date, mileage, the postcodes of each leg of your daily journey and the purpose of the trip. At the end of the month you will also need to record your closing odometer reading.

Will the app work on my mobile?

The app can be used on the following systems; iphone 4 onwards, Android OS 10 onwards & Windows 8 onwards. You can call the Miles Monitor customer help team on 01270 694561 or email services@milesmonitor.co.uk for help and guidance on downloading the app and how to use it to track your business journeys.


What our clients say

We now have a solution that provides long term reductions in fuel expenditure, plus an active team of supportive account mangers helping us to minimise disruption and manage any resistance to these new procedures.

Just received our first invoice from Silvey Fleet and I'm very happy. I've compared it to a competitor's invoice and the difference in savings is fantastic!

Simply by streamlining processes and improving the quality of management information, we have seen a reduction in fuel misuse and time spent on resource intensive administrative tasks.

Taking control over fuel expenditure helped reduce our costs by encouraging our sub contracted hauliers to use fuel cards.